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Encouraging health & fitness one hop, RUN, skip and jump at a time!

Welcome to Jump Balance!  My name is Joyce.  I like long romantic walks on the beach, good food, running long distances & jumping out of the gym.

No, but seriously. I am an aspiring fitness trainer/instructor and amateur long distance runner.  Born of Nigerian immigrants and raised in the great Pacific North West, I have competed competitively in both basketball and track & field throughout most of my life.  As a former Division II collegiate athlete, being an athlete and competing in sports was my life!  After graduating college and leaving my competitive athletic career behind, I felt as though I had lost my identity.  I then stumbled into long distance running which I recently have found a great appreciation for.  Distance running has allowed me to keep my competitive spirit and has also kept me in great shape.

I developed Jump Balance as a way to share my personal experience of getting in shape, staying in shape, and doing it God's way.  My hope is to provide encouragement to not only myself, but to others that will help nourish the mind, body and soul.  

Jump balance was created to track my own personal fitness goals,  my progress towards becoming a better runner, and share my experiences of getting and staying in shape. My goal for this site is to hopefully inspire others to jump into shape while finding their balance through Christ, and to get healthy and fit for life!  

those who don’t jump will never fly.
— Leena Ahmad Almashat

What you'll find on Jump Balance:


I've created a workout section to post training guides that have helped me during half-marathon training, as well as other fitness routines centered around the art of jumping that you can do at home, outside, or at the gym. Anyone that knows me knows how much I enjoy jumping. Jump roping, box jumps, jump squats, etc. are my go to workouts whenever I'm looking to get into shape. Literally, JUMPing my way into shape!

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The balance section is centered around finding your balance.  Here I share motivational quotes, devotionals, yummy recipes, and anything that have helped and continue to help keep me balanced in life. 


My journey of getting back into shape after my athletic career hasn't always been easy.  Here I share my personal experience of getting into shape, struggling with body image, enduring injuries, health issues, understanding/exploring my spirituality, and more!